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Foshan Flying Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Chinese supplier of high quality and low priced medical treatment and health products.

The management of our Company is scientifically qualified and has advanced processing equipment and inspection facilities operated by experienced technical personnel. We are an innovative company specialized in marketing and distributing healthcare and emergency products.

Our main products are  first aid kits, We devote ourselves to research and providing of first aid kits. They are widely used in daily health, first-aid, SOS, ambulance, and sports. Our first aid products include Gauze Swabs, Gauze Bandage, Mouth To Mouth Mask, Disposable Gloves, Wet Tissue,Cotton Balls, Triangular Bandage, Adhesive Bandage, Surgical Tape and Emergency Blanket...

We are accredited by the FDA  and our products are CE registered . our products have sold in the USA, Japan, Europe,  Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.. On the basis of mutual benefit and our Company wide belief that credibility and customers are our top concerns. We would like to cooperate with domestic and overseas customers to achieve more success.



Foshan Flying Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Address:  Zumiao 1st Rd, Chancheng, Foshan City, Guangdong, China 528000

Xiaofengtian Industrial Park, LuocunNanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China 528000

Telephone No.:86-757-88753861 ,Mary     Fax No.: 86-757-89920056

Email: fsflying168@126.com   sales1@www.radyoaski.com